Ask David Jennings

NEW Simple Water Filtration by filtering through Ceramic material
Removes 99.99% of Microbes including Cryptosporidium, E Coli Raining Water Harvesting
Simple drinking water bottles for second & third world
Legionella removal in Showerheads
Aquarium Sprites for improved clean water
Patents Granted in 60 countries

Design Company, Amazing NEW designs for School & Office
Seating . 7 years development based on posture
“Like sitting on a horse saddle”
Company will have Royalty Income from Worlds best Chair manufacturers
Fantastic Investment Opportunity €15,000 plus

National Space Centre is an Independant Satellite Teleport Operator. Provides Satellite Internet & TV for Eastern Europe
One of only eight earth stations in Europe
Opportunity for two year loans 10% pa €10,000 min

Treemetrics Forest measurement
€50 Billion USD of forest harvested globally
8 years in development
The Google of Forestry

Medical Infrared A German System the world knows very little about despite 50 units
in operation in Germany for years
Infra Red can show early signs of vascular change perhaps 5 or more years before
Mammography would indicate a Cancerous structure

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Website Linked In: David Jennings Finance/Marketing Aqua-Nu
Email phone +353 86 2524980 Hydrogen Fuel Saving Water to Hydrogen Fuel saving Increased Torque 15%
Fuel savings of 10 to 20% Up to 30% in some cases
Emissions reduction of 50 to 80%
Has solved the Emissions problems of some cars where the Catalytic
converter was beyond repair.